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 PvE combat swords spec

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PostSubject: PvE combat swords spec   PvE combat swords spec Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 2:35 am

PvE combat swords spec Pve_sw11

Combat swords is currently recognized as, and is mathematically, the best DPS build. You can proc an extra MH attack from sword specialization with either hand. You'll want a quick offhand. Aggression and Surprise Attacks boost the damage of your Sinister Strike while BF, imp SnD and Dual Wield spec increase your white damage. AR gives you a nice boost in yellow damage every 5 minutes. Surprise Attacks also makes your finishers unable to be dodged. With Precision and stacked hit rating, as long as you are behind a target, your finishers cannot miss or be dodged which means they will always connect.

Tested, works!
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PvE combat swords spec
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