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 warr prot and mage frost

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PostSubject: warr prot and mage frost   warr prot and mage frost Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 2:18 pm

- Character Name: Wallyntin
- Realm: Ghostlands
- Country: Romania
- Age: 25
- Class: Warrior
- Level: 70
- Profession(s): Blacksmith/Mining 375
- PvP: very rare
- Play-time : Monday-Sunday 18:00-very late, no problem for raids

-Alts (List non-bank/storage alts here):
Wally 70-frost mage

-Previous guilds: Incognito/Vanguard

-Why did you leave your last guild(or are about to): lack of progression, people not interested.

- Experience: Post your pre tbc experience and your tbc experience.

Pre: most instances except 25 man/40 man raids...done ZG a few times

Tbc: all instances on heroic, grinding them all day...Karazhan cleared(raid leader)/Maggy/Gruul/SSC (Lurker/Hydross-only one run in ssc), TK (VR/Solarian-one run ),
Hyjal (Rage winterchill tries...failed).

- Mods : Omen 2/DeadlyBossMods/MobInfo/others

- Teamspeak: yes
- Ventrillo (2.1.4 only): i see you're using 3.0...yes all versions

- Equipment (place armoury link here):
http://armory.wow-europe.com/character- ... =Wallyntin
http://be.imba.hu/?zone=EU&realm=Ghostl ... =Wallyntin
- Spec: 8/5/48 protection

- Future plans: raiding with you guys, heard/seen much about poseidon and its members. Also, wish to down as many new bosses till wotlk is live and as i've said above be a part of this guild and help as much as i can.

- Patience: is a virtue, and i have enough. 1 year in T4 content? patience Smile

Some xtra stuff i would like to add, before joining an official server, i've played for more than a year on a private server, biggest in my country. Bosses with blizz abilities, only difference between official and this private realm was the droprate. Advanced to Shade of Akama, that's when i stopped and at a friend's request i bought wow.
As for my raiding skills, i am a patient man, i always come prepared and in time for raids, i know every boss tactics, I DO understand them and i do know my class very well.
To prove what i've written above, ofc, a trial would be nice. I do not come here only for gear, i come for long term raiding and comitment Smile
That's all, awaiting replyes/questions. Thanks.
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warr prot and mage frost
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