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 I'm gonna be off from wow for like a month.

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PostSubject: I'm gonna be off from wow for like a month.   Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:03 pm

Well, as a certain of you guys must have noticed i went offline just after the first whipe at king maulgar. Well, my computer just crashed leaving only a acid-like screen and a weird ticking sound viewable for me. So i restarted my computer and it didnt restart at all anymore.
For that my apologies to begin with.

Anyway, he's in repair for like a month, and the pc i'm working on right now doesnt meet the requirements for wow i think, and my brother lost my cdroms from the non-expansion wow-cd's.
Well, i'm doing my best to get most of my regular stuff working again, just wanted to say this to you guys. It took me a week to find this forum back so sorry for the late response. Could be i'm gonna have to re-buy me the old wow cd's again though :/

See you guys soon,
and chris you normally should get a mail about this in some days.
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I'm gonna be off from wow for like a month.
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